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It's Time to Soar

I'm here to help you get what you want

"Donna is about helping me make my future all I choose it to be."
 Mikko H.

Is your time spent taking care of everyone else but you?

Short Story...Stop

There’s a saying…”If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what your getting.”

It’s time to take care of yourself first! You can’t be completely efficient if your deficient in your own needs.

Our time together is dedicated to you gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and your wants and needs. I listen with an outside perspective, to what you say you want and then guide you by empowering you with the tools to help you get what you want…and more.

I’m dedicated to your self-defined success. I cheer you on, motivate you and hold you accountable.

In short…whatever you’re doing, I can help you do better by pushing you to your own excellence.

...She helped me to discover a gem inside of me that I didn't even know was there...

Are you juggling too many balls in the air?

  • I’ll teach you to pause so we can gain clarity together about what you want

  • Together we’ll create a priority list with a plan of action steps

  • I’ll help break down the action steps into manageable bite size pieces

Are your personal and professional life out of balance?

  • I’ll help you enhance the quality of your life by working with you to find the balance needed

  • We’ll start by identifying where you are feeling out of balance

  • We then work together to create a manageable plan to correct the imbalance

To Do Clipboard .jpg

Do you have a "Get Around To It" list that you never get around to?

  • I’ll assist you in achieving the goals you started but never finished that are weighing you down

  • I’ll help you identify and overcome the fear and obstacles that are blocking you 

  • I’ll help you prioritize what action steps are needed to move forward

  • I  will hold you accountable by setting completion dates for the task in front of you

Still questioning what a life coach can do for you?

Listen to what Veronica has to say

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