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"Donna is about helping me make my future all I choose it to be."
 Mikko H.








Donna Quarles Life Coaching has completely helped me change my life…changing the trajectory in both my personal life and professional career.

​Ever since I began working with Quarles Coaching, I have thoroughly enjoyed our meetings because of her positive attitude and how she listens and then provides great insight. I always find myself leaving our sessions with a new outlook on how to overcome any hurdles I had previously envisioned as impossible…and I now find that opportunities I would not have had the motivation or foresight to pursue before, now seem within reach!

Simply put Donna makes me want to be a better version of myself. If nothing else, It’s good to know you have someone in your corner rooting for you to win at life.


Chris Kendal


I have been working with Donna for about 4 years. She has helped me achieve many goals and showed me how to get clarity and focus. Working with a life coach is one of the best decision I’ve ever made. If you are looking to accomplish your goals, I highly recommend that you call Donna and allow her to work her magic on you. Thank you so much Donna. Look forward to continuing with you.


CEO/President, ARS Roofing, Gutters & Waterproofing

I first met Donna when she was doing a talk at a networking meeting. Her energy, her power, her strength and her wisdom came through her every word and I just knew I had to connect with her in some way. When she asked if anyone was interested in doing a 1-on-1, I immediately raised my hand and booked her for breakfast a few days later. While there are plenty of life coaches out there who can get you to talk about your issues, Donna puts the emphasis on action, and I like that. She lets you talk but always brings it back to, “ok what are we going to do about it?” Sometimes all we need is a guide on the side – someone to help us lay out and organize that plan of action; give us another perspective. What truly sets Donna apart is her ability to bring out your strengths, remind you of your greatness and unwillingness to let you play small. We all know we are meant for big things, and Donna has helped me to keep that front of mind. In the past year I’ve been working with her, I have launched a new business that is authentically me and fills my heart with passion and drive. She has helped me through a topsy turvy roller coaster ride at home and without her to validate my inner strength, I may not have made it through as well as I have. I highly recommend Donna and Quarles Coaching – you will never know how a coach can change your life until you actually work with one! Thanks Donna – from the bottom of my heart!

Niya Champaneria

BizMom Coaching

I met Donna Quarles about 2 years ago. She introduced herself to me as a life coach. This was a term I was not familiar with. As she  enthusiastically explained what it is she does the first thought that came to my mind was ” I can’t afford this “. I was interested but just wasn’t at a place where I could think of that expense. Donna asked me a very simple question ” how do you know you can’t afford me “? And Can you afford not to try? These questions hit me like tone bricks and I was instantly moved to make an appointment, to try,  to make an attempt to do something different then I’ve ever done….  this proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Donna made her services accessible to me. After only one appointment I saw the value in her coaching. One of the most important things I’ve gained from working with Donna is having someone to be accountable to for my own dreams. Donna has held me accountable to the goals I’ve set for myself. This has kept me on track and helped me to continue make progress. She is focused on my future and my happiness. This isn’t about difficult issues to resolve from my past,  Donna is about helping me make my future all I choose it be. Helping me claim my greatness and be present and prepared for it! Donna has brought value and richness to my life and my business. She has guided me to information and practices that have improved my life overall. 

Mikko Hal

Chief Operating Officer, Quality Pro Maintenance LLC

Donna Quarles,  has provided me with more than I imagined from a Life Coach.


When I entered into her practice, I thought it would be for a short period to address some issues I had at work and in my

personal life.  Little did I know that my challenges would far exceed anything I could imagine.  During 2014 I was diagnosed with Cancer as well as another totally unrelated health issue that resulted in neuro-surgery. She helped me to keep all oars in the water and learn to take care of myself; to do the basics like breath and relax.  One of her favorite sayings, “WB? – Why Bother?” –  has become my mantra when faced with decisions that really try me.

I’ve been with Donna for over 2 years now.  We were meeting monthly. I have been so inspired by her effectiveness in my life I have decided to use my life experiences from the past year to help other people that have faced major life/health challenges.  She is an inspiration and continues to inspire me to be my best.  That said I am now a Cancer Life Coach!!!

Teri D

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