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About Donna

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Donna Quarles


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Donna Quarles started her career life in her native New York. She was a successful and accomplished leader in Corporate America for over 25 years; managing and training sales support and marketing executives…coaching them to be highly successful in their fields.

Armed with the tools she had developed throughout her corporate career and trusting in her intuitive coaching, she boldly chose the entrepreneur route of going full time into Business and Life Coaching, becoming a Certified Professional Life Coach and part of the International Life Coaching Association (IFC).

She is known for her straightforward New York style but with a contagious positive attitude… and her dedication in helping others get their best life, both personally and professionally…which she has been doing now for over 15 years.

Donna is a skilled presenter, frequently requested to deliver presentations on goals setting, leadership and business success. She is also the resident Life Coach for Voices of Value, a company specializing in motivational coaching.

She no longer has a J-O-B…she has a passion.

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