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Life Coaching vs. Therapy

The most common question I am asked is… what is the difference between Therapy and Life Coaching…so let me answer that first.

Stated very simply…The Past Vs. The Future


Therapy allows you to try and make sense of your past…uncovering and recovering!


Life Coaching allows you to gain strength and move forward with your future…or, discovering!


In the book entitled Therapist as Life Coach, they give this analogy;


Imagine driving your car down the freeway. If you look in the rearview mirror towards where you’ve been…looking at the past…that’s therapy. Therapy focuses on the past and generally assumes the client has a problem that needs solving.


If you look out the front windshield toward where you’re going and the road beyond your vision…looking at the future…that is Life coaching. Coaching focuses on the future and assumes the client is whole and capable of having a wonderful life.


So now that you know the difference you may be wondering…

What will Coaching with Donna do for me?


We all have times in our lives where we’re in a rut, whether it’s at work or our personal lives, and need a little help getting out. Or we have goals that have been pushed aside for “Someday” because the reality of “now” is overwhelming.


Working with Donna as your Life Coach, you get to take some time out to pause from your everyday adulting responsibilities, and focus on you and your future, no matter your age or circumstances. You have someone listening with an outside perspective, providing clarity and motivation to bring the spark back and help you move forward.


The first part of the process is figuring out where you are in life and where you want to be.  This can relate to all aspects of your life, whether it’s personal or business relationships, career or personal growth.


You may know what you want, and just need help with the motivation or action steps to get it. Donna will help you create the plan to get it.


Or you may not know. You may just know that you want “more” but haven’t defined it yet. Donna will listen with an unbiased ear and help you define it…and then help you make the plan to go get it.


Once the plan is made, she will be your guide; guiding you through the dark and unknown, shining a flashlight on the path in front of you to keep you from going astray or getting lost.


If you get stuck or overwhelmed, she won’t let you get paralyzed, she’ll break it down into manageable steps to continue to move forward. She keeps you on track, celebrates your successes and most importantly, holds you accountable.


Whatever the circumstance, Donna helps you realize that you’re capable of whatever it is you want and empowers you to go get it. She is there for you, Dedicated to your self-defined success.


I urge you to call and get started.

Your life can only get better because of it!

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